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Statoil industrialises drilling operations

Statoil has signed a framework agreement with Sekal AS, a daughter company of IRIS, for the use of DrillScene™ - a product for advanced monitoring of drilling operations. The technology will be used in Statoil’s drilling and well operations.

“DrillScene™ was developed at IRIS, and is a model-based diagnosis system based on real-time data. Real-time data will be compared with simulated models of the drilling process.

This can identify deviations at an early date and thus advise the driller to alter the drilling parameters. In the next phase, it will be possible to connect this type of models directly to the control of for instance the mud pump, rotation on the drill string or the weight on the drill bit”, says Gisle Stjern, head of Drilling and well north at Statoil.

When this type of system is used, slight changes in the drilling parameters can identify well challenges early on, thus providing a chance to correct the problem before it escalates.

This technology was used most recently in February this year, on the Heidrun platform in the Norwegian Sea. Advanced monitoring has been tried out at Statfjord C, as well as Transocean Arctic (Tyrihans), Gullfaks and Eldfisk.

Click here to see Statoil`s presentation of DrillScene™.
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