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Rune Fitjar wins Stavanger Forum's Research Communication Award

Rune Fitjar of IRIS was presented with Stavanger Forum’s Research Communication Award for 2011 at the start of the University of Stavanger’s new semester.

The jury cited that Fitjar’s research had re-evaluated the importance of regional industrial clusters for innovation, and was being discussed in leading US and Canadian media, including the Washington Post, and on a large number of websites. Much of this coverage was in turn being frequently debated in social media such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Much of this coverage was in turn being frequently debated in social media such as Twitter, and the articles had also been among the most downloaded from international article databases.

Innovation policy
“The study has also been referenced by important European bodies, including an EU Commission Inquiry. The research communication has thus helped to formulate European and US innovation policy. Leading Norwegian media have also picked up on the research,” explained the jury.

Research communication
The prize-winner has updated his website and communicates his research through social media such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. He has profile pages on Google Scholar and Research Papers in Economics, which collate his various articles and quotations. In addition to conveying research to the general public, the prize-winner has also presented his findings directly to relevant agencies, the Research Council of Norway and regional development bodies.

Scientific production
As well as communicating popular science, Fitjar delivered scientific production to the highest echelons in 2011. He published and won recognition for articles in many leading international publications within his specialist field. He has also made significant contributions to various research applications.

The prize-winner’s research communication activities have played a key role in bringing the Centre for Innovation Research and IRIS to the attention of a wider international audience within the fields of research, public policy and commerce.

(Photo: UiS/Asbjørn Jensen)

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